Teeth Whitening in Sarasota, FL

At the dental office of Deborah Simpkins, DMD, we offer all the restorative and cosmetic dental treatments needed to rejuvenate the health and appearance of your smile.

Sometimes, however, all that’s necessary to restore your youthful, fresh appearance is a simple procedure like professional teeth whitening.

If you are concerned about the whiteness of your teeth, you’re not alone. Even if you’re in your late 20s or early 30s, you have probably started to notice that your teeth are losing their youthful brightness and that consuming staining foods and beverages hastens the process.

As you age, this process continues, and you may be left with a dull smile that you’re too embarrassed to show off. Rather than living life with a smile that makes you self-conscious or regretful, you can brighten your teeth instantly with professional teeth bleaching in Sarasota, FL. 

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How Professional Teeth Whitening Can Help You

If you have dark or yellow teeth, teeth bleaching can completely change your entire appearance. 

Professional teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment for a good reason. It is the fastest, most affordable way to restore the youthful brightness of your smile and refresh your overall appearance.Girl with a big smile in sarasota fl

Our Siesta Key professional teeth whitening will give you a smile that sparkles, and it can make your teeth appear bigger, brighter, and bolder. 

Professional teeth bleaching can help you avoid the need for costly, more invasive dental treatments. Even if you think you’re looking for a complete smile makeover, you might be surprised at the difference whiter teeth can make. Teeth whitening is a great place to start if you’re new to cosmetic dentistry or want to make a change without breaking the bank. 

A brighter smile can help you:

  • Land a new job or open a professional door 
  • Appear friendlier because you’re more comfortable smiling 
  • Gain the confidence to pursue a romantic interest 
  • Get excited to have your picture taken or attend an important social event
  • Look younger and happier

If you’re interested in learning more about the ways professional teeth whitening can help you improve your life, contact our Siesta Key dentist today at (941) 921-2122.

Professional Products Bring Radiant Results 

At the dental office of Deborah Simpkins, DMD, we know that using professional teeth whitening treatments makes a world of difference when compared to drugstore varieties. 

Unfortunately, we see many patients who have been frustrated by their over-the-counter teeth whitening products. These patients invested time and money with the hope that these products would produce dramatic results, only to be disappointed.

If you want a whiter smile, store-bought teeth whitening products are not the best way to go. Professional teeth whitening is superior to store-bought treatments because it uses higher quality professional strength ingredients, and your whitening process will be supervised by Dr. Deborah Simpkins in case you run into any problems or concerns. 

Sarasota Teeth Bleaching for Your Smile

The teeth bleaching process is slightly unique for every patient. No two smiles are exactly the same, which means that our treatment cannot be the same every time. 

woman choosing tooth shade | Sarasota flYour smile looks and feels different from everyone else’s, which is why our Sarasota teeth whitening will always work better than a drugstore bleaching kit if you want to brighten yellow teeth.

Store-bought teeth whitening products promise big results, yet they provide no way for you to customize or tailor your treatment. When you purchase teeth-bleaching-in-a-box, you receive a generic product that isn’t specific in size, shape, or strength. Your whitening trays or strips aren’t designed to fit your teeth, and they may not be wide or long enough for your smile. 

Additionally, the inaccurate shape of your teeth whitening devices may lead to gum irritation when the whitening gel comes into contact with your gums.

Your drugstore teeth whitening kit doesn’t allow you to choose how much whiter you want your teeth to get. Whether you’re looking to change your smile’s color by one shade or eight shades, you will be stuck with the strength and formula of the bleaching kit. You have no way of knowing how much the product will change the color of your smile, if it even changes it at all. 

When you choose a customized take-home teeth whitening kit, you will spend a lot less time, energy, and money achieving the smile you want because your treatment team is working alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Customized Take-Home Teeth Whitening in 34231

As we discussed above, drugstore teeth whitening products are not ideal for brightening your smile and getting rid of yellow teeth. 

Downfalls of Store-Bought Whitening Trays 

If you’ve tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you have probably been disappointed by the results. There are a couple of reasons why you don’t see the bright smile you had hoped for.

First, the percentage of peroxide in store-bought whitening products is very low, allowing a wide variety of people to use them without risk. Professional teeth whiteners are much stronger because you use them under the supervision of a dental professional.

Another problem is that over-the-counter bleaching kits come with a generic whitening tray that does not provide uniform coverage on your teeth, especially in the back of your mouth. 

Advantages of Professional Teeth Bleaching Trays 

Dr. Simpkins offers our patients two types of professional teeth whitening trays: custom and disposable. Our custom whitening trays are designed for repeated use and will hold up against many rounds of bleaching gel. Our disposable trays are pre-filled with your specified whitening gel and then thrown away after a single application. Most patients choose our reusable, custom trays for the convenience of having a long-lasting oral appliance. Man smiling out in yard | Sarasota Fl

At our Sarasota dental office, we design your bleaching trays using impressions of your teeth. A couple of days after we take your impressions, you will receive a customized whitening tray that fits your mouth perfectly. The close fit allows for complete coverage and also helps prevent the whitening gel from seeping out and irritating sensitive gum tissue.

Dr. Simpkins will give you precise instructions on how to use the trays, but generally speaking, we recommend wearing them 20 to 30 minutes a day for about two weeks.

Schedule a Teeth Bleaching Appointment With Our Sarasota Dentist

Every teeth whitening treatment begins with a professional dental cleaning to ensure that your teeth are free of plaque and tartar. This leaves a clean surface for the brightest, most consistent teeth whitening results.

Our professional teeth whitening can take years off your smile and make you instantly appear younger, healthier, and happier. If you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth, you have the power to improve your looks and create a smile that brings out your best features. 

When you’re ready to learn more about teeth whitening at our Sarasota, FL dental office, please call us at (941) 921-2122. We will be happy to arrange a dental appointment and get you started on your way to a brighter smile.