Dental Implants in Sarasota, FL

Woman on the phone | Dental Implants Sarasota FL You probably don’t think about your teeth when they are healthy and functioning properly. But when you lose a tooth, you suddenly realize how much you rely on healthy teeth to eat comfortably and speak clearly.

After tooth loss, you will also notice that your facial contours change as there’s no longer a tooth to support and fill out your cheeks.

Our goal at the office of Deborah Simpkins, DMD, is to protect the health of your smile and provide you with solutions when something goes wrong. If you are dealing with tooth loss, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art dental implants that allow you to eat and speak confidently and comfortably as well as improve your appearance.

Why You Need to Replace Missing Teeth

The loss of even one tooth impacts your appearance and confidence but also affects the health and structure of your jaw over the long term. A healthy natural tooth promotes healthy growth of bone and tissue in your jaw. When a tooth is lost, however, the bone starts to break down.

3 part dental implant | Dentist Sarasota FLHow Dental Implants Work

You may think of dental implants as a recent innovation, but the fact is that implants have been in use for over 40 years. Both dentists and patients prefer dental implants because they offer so many benefits.

A dental implant consists of three pieces – a tiny implant post made of titanium, an abutment, and a restoration to restore function. The first step involves placing the post surgically in your jaw. Dr. Simpkins will refer you to a leading specialist who will expertly place the implant for you.

Since titanium is a biocompatible material, it bonds securely with surrounding tissue and bone in a process called osseointegration. When this process is complete and the implant has fully healed, we attach a connector piece called an abutment to the implant post. The abutment attaches the implant to a dental restoration, which will be the visible part of the implant that restores function and appearance.

Restoring Healthy Function at our Sarasota, FL Dental Office

The type of restoration we choose – crown, bridge, or denture – depends on your unique needs. We typically use dental crowns to replace a single tooth, and they are designed to blend seamlessly with your smile. If you’re missing more than one tooth, we may recommend a dental bridge.

Many of our patients have benefitted from implant-retained dentures.

A primary complaint of denture wearers has always been comfort and fit. Today, we can use implants placed at various points along your jaw combined with customized denture designed to snap onto the implants. This method allows us to stabilize a full or partial denture so that you never have to deal with the embarrassment of a denture that slips when you eat, laugh, or sneeze.

Please Call to Schedule a Consultation in Siesta Key, FL

The implant process starts with a consultation where Dr. Simpkins evaluates your needs, answers your questions, and helps you decide if an implant is the right choice for you.

If you live in the Siesta Key, FL area and are considering dental implants, please call our office to get started!