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What do dental cleanings include?

Teeth cleanings in Sarasota, FL, are one of the most important things you can do for your smile, and you should do so every six months.

Dental cleanings are part of prevention, a twice-yearly dental visit that includes a comprehensive exam, x-rays when warranted, an oral cancer screening, and professional teeth cleaning.

For teeth cleaning, the hygienist relies on special dental instruments to rid your teeth of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. The cleaning is gentle, and you may even find it relaxing.

As the hygienist cleans your teeth, they are looking for gum recession or other oral health concerns to share with the dentist.

Part of your dental cleaning may also include a fluoride treatment or dental sealant. A fluoride treatment acts to remineralize your enamel, restoring strength to the outer layer of your teeth. A dental sealant locks debris away from teeth to reduce your cavity risks. We typically recommend the latter if you are prone to tooth decay.

Your hygienist can share tips for at-home care and answer any questions you might have about your oral hygiene.

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