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What is a composite filling?

dental fillings | preventative dentist sarasota flAfter years of improvements to dental technology, we are now able to fix cavities with a tooth-colored material known as composite dental resin. This material is a combination of composites of glass and plastic resin, which is easy to mold and looks similar to dental enamel. When Dr. Simpkins places a tooth-colored filling she adds it in layers, which allows her to be very precise. 

Other benefits of composite fillings

Aside from the cosmetic benefits that composite fillings offer, they are also less invasive than a traditional metal filling. In order to bond metal fillings more of the natural tooth structure needs to be removed. With composite fillings, Dr. Simpkins can remove less of the natural tooth and still achieve a strong bond. 

The best time to treat dental decay is when it is first detected and still small. If you have a toothache or have some fillings you have been putting off we invite you to contact our Sarasota office!

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