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Why are regular dental appointments necessary?

dental equipment | sarasota fl dentistIf you typically take good care of your teeth and rarely have dental problems, you may be wondering why regular dental check-ups are necessary. After all, wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to only visit the dentist when something is wrong?

While it may seem counterintuitive to spend time and money at the dentist’s office when you are feeling healthy, regular dental appointments are actually the key to preventative dentistry. When you visit our Sarasota, FL general dentistry office, our skilled team thoroughly examines your mouth.

What happens during a preventative appointment at our Sarasota dental office?

Regular dental appointments are not just about cleaning your teeth. During these visits to our office, Dr. Simpkins and our hygienists are also checking your mouth for signs of periodontal disease, infection, and loose teeth. Additionally, our team performs an oral cancer screening while you are in the dental chair.

Because dental problems often start early and gradually worsen over time, you may not become symptomatic until the condition has significantly progressed. By visiting the dentist regularly, which generally means about every six months, you drastically improve your chances of catching serious dental conditions in their early stages.

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For the strongest preventative dentistry efforts, combine excellent dental hygiene habits at home with regular visits to our Sarasota, FL dental office. If you have additional questions about preventing tooth decay and keeping your family’s teeth healthy, contact our office today.

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