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3 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened

August 16, 2019
Posted By: Deborah Simpkins, DMD
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Do you find yourself hiding your yellow teeth or stained smile? Do you steer clear of social situations or hesitate to make new connections because your smile isn’t what it could be? Save your teeth and money and ditch the store-bought whitening kits. You could get your teeth professionally whitened in less time than it takes to eat lunch.

At Deborah Simpkins, DMD, our in-office professional teeth whitening is safe, effective, and can melt years off your appearance. Read on for five reasons you should schedule a visit with your Sarasota cosmetic dentist today.

Improve Your Self Esteem

When you see a noticeably whiter smile reflected back at you in the mirror, you’ll immediately want to show it off. You’ll notice how years of coffee or wine drinking, smoking, or other consumable products have been lifted from your teeth. You’ll see how bright and beautiful your smile is in photos, and you'll enjoy the boost in your self-confidence. Instead of hiding your smile out of embarrassment, you’ll be encouraging others to smile back at you. 

More Effective Than Store Brands

Don’t throw your money away on over-the-counter teeth whitening. For one thing, the peroxide isn’t strong enough to visibly enhance your smile the way professional whitening can. Secondly, some products contain abrasive materials that can damage your enamel. The fastest and most affordable way to get a brighter smile is to have it done by a cosmetic dentist. In the long run, you’ll save money and see better results. And you can rest assured that all products used at Deborah Simpkins, DMD are ADA approved.

You'll Look Younger

Even if you’ve never smoked, drank coffee or alcohol, you can still get stained teeth. Yellowing teeth can be a natural by-product of aging. Professional teeth whitening can offset the effects of aging and make you look younger!

Stay away from store-bought brands and their empty promises. Don’t take a gamble on your teeth and precious enamel. The only safe and effective way to truly lighten the shade of your teeth is through your Sarasota cosmetic dentist. If you’re ready for the bright smile you’ve been wanting, contact us today to schedule a dental appointment. 

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