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4 Reasons to Consider a Dental Crown

July 14, 2020
Posted By: Deborah Simpkins, D.M.D. Staff
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You’ve probably heard of dental crowns before, and there’s a good chance you either know someone who has one or even have one yourself. What you may not know, however, is just how versatile these dental restorations can be. 

Dentists rely on tooth crowns to fix all sorts of cosmetic and restorative issues, and thanks to the customizability of crowns for teeth, you can use them to your advantage and hide blemishes within your smile.

Below, we discuss four great reasons to consider a dental crown in Sarasota, FL:

#1 Covering Up a Stained or Yellow Tooth

Although most of us know that crowns are excellent at protecting damaged teeth, what many people don’t realize is that dentists use tooth crowns extensively in cosmetic dentistry as well.

If you have a discolored tooth that isn’t responding well to professional teeth whitening treatments, an alternative option is to cover the tooth with a gorgeous new, white dental crown. 

#2 Protecting a Tooth Post-Root Canal

Dental crowns function as caps or “hats” that cover part of an existing tooth with a beautiful and durable restoration. If you recently underwent root canal therapy and now have a compromised tooth, you can protect the tooth by covering it with a dental crown. That way, you get to keep your tooth roots in place while still protecting the more vulnerable top section of the tooth.

#3 Hiding a Small or Unsightly Tooth

Dental crowns are effective at hiding natural teeth you don’t want to be seen. If you have a small, short, or “stubby” tooth that you feel self-conscious about, consider using a crown for teeth to cover the imperfections. 

#4 Protecting a Cracked or Fractured Tooth

Once a tooth sustains damage such as a crack or chip, that tooth remains vulnerable to further injury. And because saving a natural tooth is always the goal of your Sarasota dentist, a crown can help shelter and protect a compromised tooth while still leaving the bulk of the enamel and the tooth roots intact. 

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