Crowns & Bridges in Sarasota, FL

Smiling Couple | Dentist Sarasota FL Damaged or missing teeth can ruin your confidence in the appearance of your smile, but the problem is not just esthetic. Chewing can be uncomfortable when your teeth hurt, and depending on the damage, you may even notice that your speech patterns change.

At the office of Deborah Simpkins, DMD, we strive to provide you with exceptional, personalized dental care. Millions of people have benefitted from the use of dental crowns and bridges to restore damaged, broken, or missing teeth.

But you may not know that in recent years, dental technology has improved the durability and appearance of these dental restorations.

Today, we design crowns and bridges that are customized to match the look, feel, and bite of a natural tooth.

We use only the finest materials, and Sarasota dentist Dr. Deborah Simpkins has the skill and expertise necessary to create beautiful, durable dental restorations. In only a few visits, we can restore your teeth to healthy function and allow you to smile again with confidence.

dental crowns | Sarasota FL dentistWhy Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a restoration that encases your entire tooth to provide strength and support. We can use crowns in a variety of cases:

  • Preserve the structure of teeth with large fillings
  • Support a compromised tooth that’s too damaged to be repaired any other way
  • Strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Restore dental implants to form the functional, visible part of a dental implant

A dental crown forms a new tooth surface, so we can use these restorations to correct a number of cosmetic imperfections:

  • Fill gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Reshape uneven teeth
  • Conceal a badly stained tooth that can’t be whitened
  • Mask dark or discolored fillings

We offer crowns in a variety of materials, including all-porcelain and zirconia, to provide the ultimate in strength and protection. These materials also blend seamlessly with your smile, making them an excellent choice in cases where esthetics are an issue.

Dental Bridges at our Sarasota, FL Office

Missing teeth are annoying, embarrassing, and take a toll on your self-confidence. However, we offer several options at our Sarasota dental office that correct the esthetic problem and restore proper function.

Most dental bridges consist of an artificial tooth (pontic) supported on either side by a dental crown that we cement to adjacent teeth. In some cases, we may recommend a dental implant to stabilize the bridge and hold it securely in place

If you don’t replace missing teeth as soon as possible, a gap in your smile may not be your only problem. Simple actions like chewing comfortably and speaking properly can also impact your lifestyle and make you feel self-conscious.

A dental bridge easily restores your ability to chew and speak with ease. Since the bridge fills the space, it also prevents other teeth from drifting and creating alignment problems.

Personalized, Comfortable Care in 34231

Here at the office of Deborah Simpkins, DMD, our goal is to provide you with the services you need to enjoy optimal oral health. If you have a damaged or missing tooth, please call our Siesta Key, FL-area office to arrange a consultation. We will listen to your concerns and then work with you to deliver an outcome that exceeds your expectations.